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The LPDN year is filled with many opportunities for learning through themes, field trips and holidays.


Events are also planned for parents and for parent participation in your child’s class.


Check out our current calendar and newsletter for highlights and scheduled events happening this month

2 – Class Orientation Day (More information to follow)
7 – First Day of School (All Day Class, M-F 4’s and Tu/Th 3’s)
8 – First Day of School (MWF 4’s and MWF 3’s)
23- Back-to-School Night (Virtual)
11- School Closed- Columbus Day
12&13- Picture Day
5- School Closed- Teacher In-service
25&26- School Closed- Thanksgiving


Each month we send home a newsletter featuring an article on relevant topics about parenting and developmental concerns. Special dates and events are highlighted as well as a calendar specific to the individual classrooms.
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